Q: Many give and give a lot. And that doesn’t make them happy.

A: That’s true. And there are two main reasons for this: a crafty heart and unfit soil. You can’t buy Joy, Happiness, Love, but many try to do it. If you sow weeds, you can’t reap the wheat. And vice versa. If there are hidden motives in your giving: pride, showing off, following fashion, waiting for any return, then your giving is done in vain, and not just does not benefit anyone, but also causes sometimes irreparable harm.

Q: What’s this unfit soil?

A: Every seed of giving must fall into the soil suitable for that seed to produce the fruit. The fertility of what you sow depends on the healthy seed and the right soil in which it is sown.

Q: And how to determine the suitable soil or unsuitable?

A: This can be determined only by intuition and the impulse that arises through it. Mind, logic, experience, knowledge do not take any part in this recognition. It’s an internal urge.

To Give is just normal. Unnormal is not to give.


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