Q: Principle of Clean Channel. What is that?

A: This Principle says that every individual is a Channel. This Channel has entry and exit. This Channel might be clean and not so. If the blood stagnates in the blood vessels, pathology begins. Problems and difficulties replace each other moving along the path of increase.

The cleaner the channel the freer moves what gets into it. And if the output of the channel is not blocked, then what comes in the channel and saturate it in fullness goes out and is sowing in the right soil.

Let’s say you are a Channel. Money gets into the channel. Channel’s clean. Passing freely through the channel money saturate the channel and come out of it in the form of sowing in fertile soil. Being sown in fertile soil the money should bring the harvest in due time. You will reap it because it was your sowing of your good seed into the right soil. The money is returned into the channel… The cycle is completed. And so constantly… And the Mystery of this circle is that when you sow into right soil the reaping of harvest comes from unexpected sources.

Money is a blood for living in this material world. If blood freely runs without stopping in the channel then life will continue.

Q: How does the spiritual law of sowing and reaping work?

A: He works just like he works in nature. What you sow is what you reap. As you sow and in what soil — so will be the harvest. When the crop is harvested, part of the harvest goes to its own needs, and some are sown again. On how much sown depends how much will be and reaped.


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