Q: How can I sow if I am missing myself?

A: Any farmer will tell that even during the famine he is going to do with that part of the seeds that are intended for planting — he’s not going to use it for food despite the hunger. Because if he eats what’s meant to be sown, he’ll have nothing to sow. And that means there will be nothing to reap afterwards. Therefore, despite the hunger and the temptations that come to satisfy this hunger by sowing grain, he retains it until the time of sowing. He needs to hold out. Because he knows that planting is paramount. Therefore, the seed grain is an inviolable reserve. No crops will be planted — then he will definitely die. Sowing and only sowing will save him from imminent death in the future if it is done. A person who is clearly aware of the priority of sowing over everything else will sow under any conditions. In order to have something to reap later.

Q: What is the Principle of Living Water?

A: The Principle of Living Water is very simple — in order a water remain Living — it should flow. If the water stagnates — it quickly turns into a rotting, dead swamp. Where once seething life now emissions of toxic swamp gas. Death. Very same it is with finances. In order money remain its potential — it should move, flow. Motionless money is the same as dead toxic swamp. And death is producing death. For those who keep it motionless. And the exact opposite happens if the money is flowing, moving. They not only give life to those to whom they come, but also to those who allow them to flow freely through themselves.

Both the giver and the receiver remain alive. Because the principle of Living Water is realized through them. Which does not stagnate, turning into a swamp, but remains a full-flowing living and inexhaustible river.


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