Four easy steps:

  1. Register on our site
  2. Register on some of e-payment system (PayPal, YandexMoney, for example)
  3. Place link to your page on e-payment system in your profile.
  4. Download the mobile applications on your phone of electronic payment systems that you indicated in your profile.

That’s all. Welcome!

Do NOT use your personal photo for your avatar. And we would not recommend to use your actual name. Use nickname.

In order to have great opportunity for our True Givers to share/sow thier money in you you have to have the elrctronic paying systems links to be indicated in your profile. For example: PayPal:; YanexMoney:; Etc.

We would like to emphasise that receiving money especially from unexpected sources may not solve financial troubles of the individual. But it definitely give a very good portion of encouragement. Amount in most of cases not too much important. Even humble five bucks received from strange True Giver may produce joy, hope, awareness that his/her song is not yet songed. He gets proof that he’s still being cared for from Above. And this man recieve an Energy to go forward. And not give up. Why not to use such opportunity to lift somebody from the ground…

You don’t have to inform your soil- addressee that you made your sowing in him. Because The Principle works not before face of individual. Over there, Above, it is known what happend and it is good enough. Keep it in Secret.

We would recommend to sow not less then one/tenth of your income. But if you clear understanding of Three Principles then you will not limit youself in one/tenth limitation. Because generosity is rewarded. You reap not only what you sow, but measure is important. More or less you will sow depends of your awareness, sensitivity, intuition.

Be aware that True Givers are not blind followers of some even true teaching. They are those who have open mind and awareness of the Laws and Principles run this universe. And their Acts of Giving based on inner urge which guid them to do so. Therefor — listen to your heart and behave according to what it tells you. And new horizonts will be open.

Notice! When you give your money to others, guided by your own intuition, impulse, free will — no one is responsible for this wonderful act of yours. You and only you.

When you sow any seed, you don’t expect it to bear fruit the next day. And you understand that it takes time for the planted seed to bear fruit. Money is the same thing. In fact, we believe that the rapid arrival of the crop may occur, but not often. Because the timing of the harvest is controlled not by us, but from Above. So take your time. If your sowing was done according to Three Principles — then the harvest will come exactly in due time.

Tip. When you send your gift to the one whom your heart indicated, in the personal message of this transfer in the electronic payment system, give a link to our website so that the recipient knows where the gift was sent from. (TRUE GIVERS HUB | THE GENE OF GIVING |

The impulse of need to sow can overtake you anywhere. For example, suddenly on the street your attention can attract some stranger. His appearance, social status does not matter. Your inner knowledge tells you that this man is the fertile ground for your sowing. Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to approach and explain to him what you are going to do. And do It. But also remember that Members of our Community being True Givers are potentially a good soil for your sowing. So you just surf through our Community Members and who knows what your heart will tell you. Just keep in mind that here is the Place where a good soil for your sowing can be found.

Please notice that this Community is for True Givers not for True Askers. So if there is some asking for money occure — know that someone is just want to cheat you. Inform about such cases in the general forum or send warning message from you profile (This is a notice to all users.), and such petitioners will be removed from the site.

We recommend that you download the mobile applications of electronic payment systems that you indicated in your profiles on our website so that you can receive notifications about the replenishment of your accounts.

Tip! You can create a group from your profile in which you can invite your close friends and relatives, so that the availability of links to their payment systems is always at hand. It’s comfortable.

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