Q: What is money?

A: Money is a very powerful tool. A tool that can save a Life and take it. Besides, money is the bond of the soul’s slavery: fear, greed, pride, doubts, arrogance. And all this for the reason that people have the wrong attitude to them. If people were more aware of their attitude to money it would be different. Ideally — they would be free from the bonds of slavery, which are created by the wrong attitude to money. Awareness of money would lead them to realize that they are the channels for the redistribution of material resources in the universe, not their repository. And the cleaner the channel, the more freedom. Money getting into this clean channel does not stay in it, but flows freely, reaching fertile soil for their sowing. Replenishment and release of the channel occurs constantly. And the clean channel itself is fed by what gets into it. And he has no shortage of anything.

Money does not make us happy. A right attitude towards them makes us happy.


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