Q: What does it mean to be free from the bondage of money?

A: Being a Giver is a Status. And the stronger this Status is — the less space in the head is the question of money. Life, true Life, is not money. Life is a certain Nature, Energy, State. And it has nothing to do with the presence or absence of material things, including money. The Nature of Life is not claustrophobia of consciousness. The Nature of Life is Freedom, Open Mind, Awareness, Abundance.

The less a person pays attention to the issue of money, the less impact they have on him. The expansion of consciousness and the realization of the reality of things open the door to a different dimension. He is freeing from the fetters by which he was bound for many years and did not know otherwise. And the question of money has a direct relationship to this.

Q: How to determine that everything was done right?

A: The most obvious sign that everything was done right is a sense of joy and satisfaction. Feeling that everything was done right. Feeling of completeness. The feeling that what was done should have been done.

When we sow our money in good ground, we don’t say goodbye to them. We tell them — see you later.

Life is given. Hasten to do good.

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